Press Release from Pilot Projects: 

Pilot+Projects is pleased to announce False Flame.  This is the second exhibition in an ongoing collaboration between Nate Ricciuto and Lindsay Deifik, working between Columbus, OH and Philadelphia, PA respectively.  Working playfully to harmonize their parallel interests in natural phenomena and the apparatuses that constrain them, this process is guided by industrious inquiry and an exercise in material contrasts. The exhibition will feature collaborative sculptures both kinetic and still, incorporating printed media, glass, light, and textiles.

Ricciuto constructs and dissects scenarios that posit repurposed materials and unfamiliar spaces as sites of escape and possibility. He merges craft and technology in questioning legacies of resistance and the myths that surround them. Deifik manipulates the language of commerce, architecture, and landscape to create sculptures that relate to psychological spaces, digital realms, and conceptions of the self.  Collaboratively these works can function as a foil against the other’s motivations, resulting in a vision that is complementary yet distinct.